"Knowledge is Power"  Frederick Douglass

It takes about 10,00 hour to become an expert, as you learn teach share

"Train up a Child in the way (s)he should go and when (s) he is old,(s) he will not depart from it.  (Proverbs)  


We can do nothing without Support! We Help you child tap into THEIR inner SMILE (Gift) by exposing them to positive role models and their BACK story!  


It takes a village

SMILE and Spread a Little JOY!


  1. Support:  It takes a Village
  2. Motivate: Using your Gift
  3. Invest: Give Back...
  4. Love : Agape..
  5. Educate: Knowledge is Power  
      = SMILE

    MOTIVATE:  What is it you love to do even if you did NOT get paid? You may have been doing it since you were about 6 years old... 

    This might just be your Passion

    Share Your SMILE using yOUR  Gift

    Share your gift

    ​​Tap into to your smile

    Support-motivate-invest-love-educate= smile

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